Tas Maritime Radio


Jetskitas.com (Tasmanian Jet Sports Boating Club) has had a great opportunity to get to know the guys at Tas Maritime Radio (TMR). This is a great group run by volunteers with the sole purpose of increasing our safety whilst on the water.

TMR is a radio monitoring service that provides safety services for Tasmanian mariners.

These services include:

Providing a listening watch on VHF and HF distress and calling channels;

Providing routine scheduled information (skeds) over VHF and HF frequencies;

Providing coastal waters forecasts at sked times or on demand;

Providing Notices to Mariners and maritime safety information;

Logging vessel movements;

Providing automated weather broadcast for southeastern Tasmania;

Providing rescue coordination.

This service is made possible through the support of an amazing crew of volunteers and the generosity and vision of those who support them.