Please Read Ride info carefully

Ride Briefings detail the essential information needed for each organised ride.  This is the first port of call for your safety on a Club ride. Contact details for the designated Ride Coordinator will be provided – feel free to talk to the Coordinator if you need more info or are unsure about anything.

Find Ride Briefings here.

Ride ratings

The Club has introduced three ratings for rides:Water safety award

Beginner – expected to be mostly smooth sailing, probably a shorter ride than Intermediate or Expert, a passenger usually okay for this ride. Check the Ride Briefing and keep an eye on Facebook for last minute changes.

Intermediate – conditions may be rougher than those lazy summer day rides…. Could expect swell, chop, waves and wind – or all these! Distance probably around 100-120kms (check the Ride Briefing) so most skis will usually need to carry extra fuel to include reserve.  Could still take a passenger if weather conditions don’t change on the day.  Check the Ride Briefing and keep an eye on Facebook for last minute changes.

Expert – hold on tight!! This is likely to be a long ride (140 kms +) in open water conditions; extra fuel definitely required and to be strapped on securely. You may need to be capable of refuelling on water if no stops are possible. Over this time and distance, weather is likely to be changeable – perhaps even from calm to bit crappy to completely crap! A tow rope must be securely attached at front of your ski and readily at hand for use.

Because of the expected conditions, read the Ride Briefing carefully. There will be certain qualifications (ski, experience, equipment) that you will need to meet before the Ride Coordinator signs you up for Expert rides.  This is designed to keep the entire group safe.

But don’t worry  if you’re not up for a more demanding ride yet….
The Club can help you build your experience and skills so you are ready to join in and enjoy the challenge.
Talk to a ride coordinator or committee member about this.Pitching in

Things to know about all Club rides

Bring an orange fluoro high visibility vest for both rider and passenger when
on a Club ride. It makes it easier for the Ride Leaders to keep the group in sight.
Ride Leaders and Sweeps will wear green fluoro hi-vis vests so you can identify them.
A Ride Buddy can be arranged for new or inexperienced riders…just ask us.
The Ride Buddy will wear a fluoro pink hi-vis vest so you can find them in the group
(so don’t worry – you can never be as embarrassed as they will be!).
Read the Ride Briefing ahead of time, ask questions if you need so you are ready for a great day.
Keep an eye on Facebook in case ride arrangements change at the last minute (usually for weather).
Register for the ride when you get to the boat ramp. Look for the Club flag when you arrive.
If you have a marine radio (hand held or installed), let the Ride Leader know.
Check what channel is being used that day.
Listen carefully to the Ride Briefing at the boat ramp. It will have valuable info about conditions, expectations, planned breaks, sightseeing along the way, the ride leaders and sweeps, ride rules, radio channels etc. Ask the Ride Leader if you are unsure of anything: that’s what they are there for….
Ride between the Ride Leader and the rear Sweep(s). Talk to the nearest Sweep if you have any concerns on the water. Please, don’t leave the group without talking to the Ride Leader or a Sweep first.

It’s good to be at the boat ramp well ahead of time. If you pitch in to help, others will help you too.

Riding on your own?

If you are planning longer rides on your own or in a small group, here are some things to think about…
Is your ski mechanically reliable and in good physical condition? Are you?
Have you checked the weather from a reliable source?
Do you have sufficient fuel for the planned trip and some reserve?
Is spare fuel stowed safely and securely?
Do you have all the equipment and the correct PFD required by MAST for your trip: Offshore? Sheltered Waters?
Is your PFD in good condition, regularly serviced and a proper fit for you?
A reliable tow rope close to hand?
Handheld or installed radio and do you know what stations to use?
What about a small toolkit for your ski?
Have you got sufficient food and drink to keep you hydrated and fuelled for the ride and any delays you may encounter?
Have you told someone reliable and responsible where you are going and when you will be back?
Do you have a suitable first aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses or goggles, hat or helmet for long hot days?
Do you have suitable warm clothes for long cold or wet days: gloves, hat, boots, ride coat, goggles?
Is your trailer in good shape: wheel bearings, lights, winch, straps, shackles, safety chains?
don’t forget to put your bungs in…(yep, we’ve all done it)….
…. and have a great day!