Do I need a PWC licence?

Yes. Please see the MAST website for the legalities: http://www.mast.tas.gov.au/recreational/pwc/
Surf Life Saving Tasmania (SLST) and Boatbiz offer boat licence and PWC endorsement courses around the State throughout the year.
Check their websites for dates and locations but book early:



Can I take passengers on rides?

If your ski is capable and the weather is okay for 2-up, you are more than welcome to bring a passenger.
The Ride Briefing for each event will give you information on taking passengers, but this may change on the day if the weather changes.
Updates on ride changes are posted on the Club’s Facebook page.


How do I join?

To join, you need to complete a membership form. You can complete this online or by printing the form, completing your details and mailing or emailing it us.
Mail the completed form to Club Treasurer, P O Box 350, Lenah Valley, Tas 7008.
Or you can scan the form and email it to info@jetskitas.com.

How much does it cost?

Single membership is $45.00 each year and a family membership is $60.00 each year.
You can direct deposit the fees to the Club bank account – details are on the membership form.
Membership fees are due when you join and then again on 1 July each year.



What do I get with membership?

This year we have over 20 organised rides, ranging from beginner to expert, time trials to family days

Club newsletters
Friendly help and advice from other members, either on ride days, via newsletter or Facebook discussion
Discounts at some of our sponsors
Opportunity to build your skills and experience, and safety in numbers on group rides
Chance to ride to places you wouldn't think of going on your own
Opportunity to join  impromptu and private rides posted on Facebook
Social events such as annual dinner, Christmas dinner, overnight trips to coincide with rides
Your chance to have a say when MAST consults on proposed changes.

How long are the typical rides?

Rides can be anything from 50kms to 150kms or more. The longer rides will require extra fuel to be carried.
A number of members  have custom fuel systems while others simply strap 20 litre fuel drums behind the seat. The Ride Coordinator can arrange help you to strap on your fuel if needed.



What do I need to bring on a Club ride?

A Ride Briefing is prepared for all events on the annual Club Calendar.
It has extensive information to help you get organised before you arrive at the boat ramp.
If you still have questions, you can contact the Ride Coordinator listed in the Ride Briefing.
Ride Briefings are available on our Event page on this website.
Check out our Safety page on this website for more general information on how to prepare for a ride.

Where does the Club meet?

We are a statewide Club, with members on the North West Coast, North East Tas, Launceston area and in Southern Tas.
We don’t have clubrooms so we meet mostly on boat ramps!
We also have off-water social and other events during the year, usually in the North West and South.
Otherwise, members meet via Facebook to exchange info, ask questions, sell things, find things, invite people on impromptu rides and post photos and videos of what they’ve been doing.

I’ve only just bought my first ski.

I don’t feel confident to join a Club with experienced people.
Joining the Club is the fastest way to learn and to explore new places while you do it.
Contact us by email or Facebook or at a Club Ride to let us know your concern and we will work with you to build your confidence. We are very friendly mob.

I don’t like turning up to a group where I don’t know anyone.

Lots of us felt the same way when we started.
Contact us by email or Facebook before your first ride and we will arrange someone to meet you at the boat ramp and show you the ropes.

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How do I join your Facebook page?

Our Facebook page is: jetskitas (Tasmanian Jet Sports Boating Club).
Search for us and request to join. One of the administrators will respond asap.

I'm already on your Facebook page. Does that make me a Club member?

To become a Club member you need to complete an application form and pay your membership fee.
The Committee needs to formally accept your application under the Club Rules.
Online Membership forms are available here.

My biggest worry is what happens if I’m on a ride and I can’t handle the conditions for some reason?

That’s the beauty of being on an organised ride with a group of others.
Ride leaders and sweeps, as well as other more experienced riders, can pitch in to help.
It will depend on the circumstances but might be as simple as riding beside you to boost your confidence, or riding in front of you to smooth the way.
Or we could assign a Ride Buddy (wearing a snappy pink fluoro hi-vis vest!) for the group for the day so you have a ‘go to’ person to talk things over with or to arrange help.
Or the Ride Leader and Sweeps will work with you to find a solution.

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